Happy Women’s Equality Day White Chicks, You earned it!

Today is Women’s Equality Day. Yay Congress for doing the “right” thing!

That said, the celebratory image above is floating around Facebook today to mark this auspicious occasion. Take a look closely, and tell me what you see?

I’ll humor you… a cute, and well meaning image depicting the Congress granting women the right to vote in 1920. It features some really diverse women represented in the graphic. I think I even spy an Asian woman, and possibly what is meant to be interpreted as an Queer POC. Really, Super, Totally Awesome, right?!

“Not a woman here could vote no matter what age…”

Because symbols DO matter, and having an fair and equitable image to look up to is needed for some. However, the depiction of women of color in an image representing women’s right to vote is an inclusion that erases this country’s fraught past. Ignoring that bit of CulturaliQ is problematic, especially considering the social climate that we currently inhabit. Historical inaccuracy is not a boon. Quite frankly it is offensive, and it does no favors to the people who it is meant to celebrate — or erase.

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Image via @CarolHenny

The DNYREE Group 📲 #CUSPData™ #CulturaliQ #CannaDGTL

The DNYREE Group 📲 #CUSPData™ #CulturaliQ #CannaDGTL