• Saloomeh Tabari

    Saloomeh Tabari

  • Kriselle Laran

    Kriselle Laran

    Mom & wife first. VP, Brand Mktg & Integrated Comms @OfficialCricut. Views are only my own. Perpetually in search of the perfect cheese board. CA via NJ.

  • Lauren Thomas

    Lauren Thomas

    Social media strategist for billion dollar brands. Speaker. Straight Talker. Snack Lover. She/Her | Twitter/IG: @HelloLT

  • Alexander Hardy

    Alexander Hardy

    Grits-powered writer, home chef, & mental health warrior. Founder: GetSomeJoy + The War on Spiritual Ashiness. getsomejoy.com + thealexanderhardy.com

  • Critical Gallery

    Critical Gallery

  • Who Steals

    Who Steals

    Exposing companies that steal creator content, posting proof, contacting the media. Hold businesses responsible for theft. End freebooting, start rabble rousing

  • SumAll Foundation

    SumAll Foundation

    SumAllOrg is a non-profit organization dedicated to doing social good by analyzing data.

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